3 Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Repair and Protect Your Asphalt Pavement

Asphalt paving is a great way to pave an area around your home and property, providing a long-lasting and flexible surface you can easily repair when necessary. When you are concerned about helping the environment and protecting your paved surfaces, you can use some eco-friendly methods to deal with your aging asphalt. Here are three ways you can repair, resurface, and replace your asphalt to help the environment while saving your asphalt paved surfaces.

Replace and Recycle

When your asphalt sits under the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays and is exposed to the heat and cold, it can cause the surface to oxidize, crack, and age. If this damage is not repaired in a timely manner, your entire surface will need to be replace with new material, which can be a more expensive option. Completing timely and budgeted repairs will lengthen the lifetime of your asphalt and keep it looking great.

First, if your asphalt surface needs to be resurfaced, an eco-friendly option is to hire a paving professional to grind off the surface of the asphalt and recycle it into new asphalt. Then, have a new top layer of asphalt applied onto your pavement for a seamless new appearance and solid structure. Allowing paving professionals -- like those at AAA Asphalt Paving -- to remove and recycle the old asphalt reduces the need to use virgin asphalt materials and also keeps the old asphalt out of the landfills. Your old asphalt surface material can be ground into small pieces and used as an aggregate mixture to new asphalt mixtures.

Use Warm Asphalt Mix

Your asphalt's surface may already be in need of full replacement due to neglect and its age, so you will need to resurface its entire area. The traditional method of mixing hot mix asphalt and applying it onto your paved surface uses a great deal of fuel to heat it to the appropriate temperature for laying and can also produce greenhouse gases during its production, which harms the atmosphere.

Fortunately, you can order a warm mix asphalt from many local asphalt companies, which produces an asphalt mixture that is not at the full temperature of hot mix asphalt and has less of an impact on the environment. But warm mix asphalt is still a quality product for you to resurface your paved area for a long-lasting surface.

Apply Protective Coating

When your asphalt begins to oxidize and dry out, you can protect its surface from further aging by applying a sealcoat layer. This is a hot tar asphalt emulsion, which seals the surface of your asphalt and restores its flexibility and durability. A sealcoating treatment every few years along with regular crack-filling can prolong the life of your asphalt for years.