3 Methods To Pave A Driveway Or Roadway On Your Property For Mud And Dust Reduction

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to maintain your private road or driveway to keep down on dust particles from being kicked up into the air from your vehicle traffic. There are many ways you can choose to pave a private road or driveway on your property, depending on your budget and the road's traffic needs. Here are some paving methods to add to your property to improve its surface and reduce dirt, mud, and fugitive dust from an unpaved road or drive, and to reduce the dust's impact on you and other drivers' visibility.

1. Grade with Clay

When your dirt road is causing you quite a bit of dust, grading its surface an applying a layer of compacted clay can act as a barrier between the dust on the road's base and your vehicles. This type of road paving is a good option when you have a large stretch of private road on your property that creates quite a bit of dust when you drive upon it. Because dust can cause health problems from inhaling the fine particles in the fugitive dust, using compacted clay can help with this and any dust from settling on your property, animals, or farming crops.

2. Add Gravel

Gravel is another cost-friendly approach to reducing roadway and driveway dust on your property. Gravel installed properly in layers of varying sizes of gravel can make your gravel-paved road or driveway last for many years. A base of large fist-sized stones creates the bottom layer of the gravel paving. Then, a layer of golf ball-sized gravel over the bottom layer, followed by smaller gravel provides the stability from dirt and mud and the traction for your vehicles.

3. Pave with Asphalt

Asphalt provides a flexible and water-resistant surface for your road or driveway and comes with a less expensive cost than concrete. There are many ways you can use an asphalt product for your paving with varying costs to fit your budget.

First, for example, you can use a recycled mixture in a new hot mix asphalt, in which the aggregate is made from old crushed asphalt, or use all new hot mix asphalt materials. You can also use recycled asphalt to create an asphalt gravel pavement. This type of surface allows the sun to soften the tar emulsion in the recycled gravel, then, as the pressure from your vehicle driving upon the asphalt, it compacts its layers into a stable surface.

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