How To Patch Your Driveway's Pothole Before Sealing It

If you plan to spend a day next weekend sealing your home's asphalt driveway to protect it from harsh weather, then you first need to patch that pothole you have been ignoring. Thankfully, repairing a pothole is a simple procedure any homeowner can easily do using this process.

Step 1: Remove Any Grass or Weeds Growing 

If the pothole has been in your driveway for a while, then it likely has some grass or weeds growing up through its cracks. This vegetation needs to be completely removed before you make the repair.

Step 2: Power Wash the Pothole to Clean It Out

Asphalt patching material will adhere to existing asphalt driveways that are clean and free of loose material. For this reason, you need to take the time to power wash the pothole to remove any residual motor oil, dirt, and rocks. Use a bit of soap or automotive grease remover to clean the asphalt. If you don't have a power washer, then you can use your garden hose with a strong sprayer attachment.

Step 3: Brush Away Any Standing Water in the Pothole

Using your broom, brush away any standing water from the pothole. You can work while the surface is damp, but you should never add asphalt patching material to a pothole full of water. 

Step 4: Add Pre-Mixed Asphalt Patching Material to the Pothole

The absolute best thing you can use to fix a pothole is pre-mixed asphalt patching material you can purchase in a bucket at your local hardware store. The material in buckets is a lot easier to work with than the type that comes in bags because the buckets keep it loose and prevent premature compaction.

Dump the patching material on to the pothole and make sure it sticks up at least one inch above the rest of the driveway's surface. 

Step 5: Tamp Down the Asphalt Patching Material

After you fill the pothole, then you need to tamp down the new asphalt. The best tool to use is a tamping tool you can rent or buy at a local home improvement center. However, if you do not want to deal with getting a specialty tool, then you can cover the patch and repeatedly drive back and forth over it with your car to tamp it down.

Step 6: Fill All Cracks Before Applying Sealant to the Driveway

Finally, before you apply sealant to the driveway, first, you need to fill in each of the cracks around the pothole patch. Use an asphalt crack filler for best results. 

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