Ensuring Safety Of The Road Crew During Road Paving

There are a lot of variables to take into account when paving a road. The location of the road, and whether or not the road is on or near a highway are most important to note. The length and width of the road will also dictate how long it takes to get the road paving done. Whether the road is a main road or a rarely used road will let you know how much traffic you will have to deal with and divert. Here are three tips for ensuring the safety of your crew while performing road construction. 

Bring the floodlights and work after rush hour

The worst time to perform any kind of road construction is during rush hour. Most cities will have morning and evening traffic at the least. Once the after-work rush hour is complete, this is the time to start on your construction project. In order to make sure that you can give several hours of work completed each day, bring floodlights on the construction site with you. Plug the floodlights into a generator and run these when the sun sets. This will give your crew a perfect view of the road and materials and it will give drivers the ability to see you before heading down the road. 

Set up reflective cones and park cars between the work space

If you are paving roads that are more than one lane, it is best to pave one lane at a time. In order to protect yourself and your workers, you should have two trucks out during construction. Park one truck at the beginning of the road paving project and park the second car at the end of the road loan. Along the side, place traffic cones at the edge of the lane so that cars know that the lane is completely closed. 

Manually direct streets if the traffic gets too heavy

Even outside of rush hour, it is possible for traffic to get heavy while you are paving the roads. If the traffic begins to get too heavy, there is a higher chance of an accident if lanes are closed and traffic is backed up. To decrease the possibility of injury to a construction crew member or a driver, get out the traffic signs and have crew direct traffic when the traffic is heavy. Even if there is a traffic light, your crew will be able to tell cars when to stop due to a blockage on the street or help direct cars into the correct lane for safety purposes. 

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