Tips For Preparing Your Property For Roadway Installation

If you own a property that needs to have a private roadway installed, you need to be sure to have the area prepped properly or you will end up with cracked and crumbling pavement. You will contact the different contractors to make sure that each step of the preparation is done well before having the paving company out to pour the asphalt. Here are the steps you need to take to ensure your road is strong, durable, and will last past the first couple of years.


Once you have determined where the roadway needs to go, the path needs to be excavated. The depth of the excavation will depend on the type of subsoil in the area. You should plan on at least 10 inches being dug out to allow room for the road base. Clay and shale should be removed as much as possible to help with stability of the road. In addition, any roots or vegetation needs to be taken out. The excavating company will be able to tell you how far down they need to go to ensure your road is safe.


After the road has been excavated, the subsoil needs to be compacted. This will create a solid foundation for the road. Compaction will also be done after the road base has been put into the trench. The better everything is compacted the more solid the foundation will be and the less the road will shift and crack.

Road Base

Next, you will need to contact an aggregate company to come and dump the road base material into the trench. Generally, you will need to hire a company to come and spread the aggregate once it has been dumped. Talk with the asphalt company to determine which aggregate will work best in your area. You need to be sure that the aggregate will help rain and melted snow drain from the area instead of pooling and damaging the substructure of the road.


After compacting the aggregate, the asphalt company can come and pour the asphalt. They may need to wait for the proper weather conditions so the asphalt has a chance to cure and harden. The workers will spread the asphalt and ensure you have an even amount along the entire roadway.

A good roadway through your property is important. Customers and potential customers are not going to want to drive down a dirt or stone road to get to your place. However, if you do not have the roadway properly prepared it can be even worse. Hire the people to make the drive on your property safe. You don't want to have to pay to have someone's car repaired because your roadway was a mess.

To learn more, contact a local roadway installation business.