Signs You Need A New Parking Lot

You want your business to be as attractive as possible, which means your parking lot needs to be in great condition. If your customers see a parking lot that is lacking cleanliness, straight lines, or is full of cracks or pot holes, they may think the rest of your business is sub par. Don't let your parking lot keep potential and current customers away. Here are signs you need to have your parking lot repaved or replaced entirely.

Your parking lot is uneven

Take a drive over your current parking lot and make note of any bumps, dips, valleys, or slanting in the space. Parking lots will shift as the earth moves, and also expand and contract with weather changes. According to, this means the parking lot area will naturally begin to become uneven with time. If your parking lot has serious pot holes or cracks, the space may need to be replaced. Otherwise, you can have your paving specialist simply repave the area for you. Repaving a parking lot means the existing asphalt isn't removed. Instead, new asphalt is poured over the old to create a more even, beautiful parking lot space.

Your parking lot is old

Do you remember the last time your parking lot was replaced? Have you had the same parking lot since you opened your business? Parking lots, like any other type of construction, don't last forever and need to be replaced eventually. Asphalt in particular will degrade over time, causing cracks in the pavement or loose edges that crumble and deteriorate. Since a compromised parking lot will continue to age and wear out, replacing the entire parking area now will help preserve your customer parking spaces and make your business more attractive in its curb appeal.

Your parking lot is dangerous

Are there oil spills all over your parking lot? Are pot holes large enough that cars have to avoid them completely to avoid damaging the undercarriage or tires? Is your parking lot so riddled with cracks and open areas that people refuse to park in certain spots? You don't want to be responsible for accidental vehicle damage due to a dangerous parking lot. Ask your parking lot specialist if you can have the area repaved, covered in new blacktop, or if you must replace the entire parking area for safety. Your parking lot installation expert will give you a quote for their services along with their repair recommendations.