Asphalt And Concret Driveways

If you are pouring a driveway or entry to the front of your house, one of the biggest things you need to decide is whether you are going to use asphalt or concrete. Both can be equally effective and long-lasting. Of course, the biggest difference is the color. However, there are some other issues should take into account before deciding on one or the other. This article compares the most significant differences between concrete and asphalt when used on a residential driveway.


Asphalt can look great, especially if you ever are able to keep it as clean and as black as possible. Asphalt usually has smaller pores than concrete, meaning that it doesn't show stains as visibly. Basically, asphalt could be much easier to care for. Asphalt is also more adaptable than concrete. This is important because it means that asphalt can be poured over uneven or lumpy dirt and still be structurally sound. That is, while concrete needs to be planed out and level, asphalt can be wavy and uneven.

One important drawback to having asphalt on your driveway is the fact that you can track it into your home. That is, especially when it is wet, asphalt can darken the soles of your shoes so much so that it can transfer into your home. Basically, if you have an asphalt driveway, you need to be more vigilant about taking off your shoes before you come into the home.


Concrete is definitely more common driveway surface because it matches with concrete sidewalks. In general, concrete is more porous then asphalt, so it can absorb stains and dirt. The fun thing about having a concrete driveway is that it can be colored in many ways. Concrete can be stained and tinted so it can match better with the outside of your home. It is always important to consider the colors on your exterior walls when you're choosing your driveway. The driveway is a very visible and prevalent feature on your property, so you want to think about the style. Concrete can be glazed or glossed over with special finishes that make it more stain-resistant. This can create a texture and glossiness to your concrete that makes it look a little less rough.

In the end, there is no right or wrong choice between asphalt or concrete for your driveway. You need to just think about your own style, and what is going to be the easiest to care for. Talk to asphalt paving specialists, such as Circle Asphalt Paving, for more information.