Common Types Of Maintenance Your Parking Lot Might Require

Your business's parking lot will require some basic care to keep it in usable condition for the customers and clients that will visit your property. However, if you have only recently moved your business into a location that has a parking lot to maintain, you might not be aware of the various types of work that you may need to do to it.


If your business's parking lot is starting to show its age, you might assume that it will need to be completely replaced. However, resurfacing can allow you to restore the appearance and integrity of your parking lot without needing to completely replace it. During this work, only the top few inches of the pavement will be replaced, which greatly reduces the costs of this repair.


Moisture is one of the main threats to pavement, but it will be a threat that is unavoidable. In order for you to be able to protect the pavement against water entering it through pores in its surface, sealcoating will be needed. This work involves the application of a layer of waterproof coating to the surface of the pavement. To avoid needing to close the parking lot to your customers during this work, you may want to schedule it to be done overnight.


Potholes and cracks can be unavoidable problems for parking lots. However, business owners will frequently allow these problems to persist for far too long before they take the steps to repair them. Whenever you find that your parking lot has suffered these damages, you should act quickly to have them patched. A professional parking lot repair and maintenance service will be able to patch these issues very quickly. In addition to keeping the parking lot from suffering further damages, these repairs can also make the parking lot safer for your customers and their vehicles.


Cleaning the parking lot may not seem like it is an important task to do. However, it is beneficial to remove any vehicle fluids that could leak out onto the pavement. These fluids can be highly toxic and can degrade the asphalt by making it brittle. Lastly, these fluids can make spots on the pavement slippery, which could leave you liable for slip and fall injuries. At least once a week, the parking lot should be thoroughly rinsed to remove as many of these substances as possible. Every few months, the parking lot should be professionally scrubbed to remove any of these substances that may have seeped below the surface of the pavement.

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