Protect Your Outdoor Hardscapes With Power Washing And Paver Sealing

The hot sun, heavy rain, and leaks from your car can all wear down your residential pavers over time. Pavers are used in a wide range of applications, from walkways and patios to driveways for your home. When you have pavers, it's important to keep them clean and protected as much as you can to keep your pavers looking new for years to come. After a good cleaning, you may be surprised to see what color your pavers actually are. Once the cleaning is done, a residential paver sealing contractor will take care of sealing your pavers with a barrier that will keep water, oil, and the elements away.

How Often to Get Your Pavers Sealed

A typical sealing process takes a few days to complete. Two coats of sealant are applied, and they must dry for about 24 hours before you can drive on them. If the pavers are in an area where you walk, you can generally walk on sealed pavers within an hour or two after the application. The sealant will last about 1 1/2 to 2 years, depending on the conditions the sealant faces and how often you wash the surface down with a power washer.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Your Stonework

When you invest in stonework throughout your property, you want to enjoy it. A clean driveway made from pavers looks great until it starts to get dirty and grime sets in. Whether you have a new patio you love to spend time on, or you have updated the look of your home with a new driveway, keep your hardscapes clean with paver sealing. Your pavers are going to last longer, and you won't have to do much maintenance in between sealing sessions.

Cleaning Up Your Yard

If you are trying to improve the overall look of your home, pay attention to your landscaping, lighting, and overall cleanliness. You can give your home an updated look simply by cleaning the pavers that are found throughout your property. In addition, trim bushes and clean debris out of your yard. Power wash the home to give it a fresh look.

When you care about your property, paver sealing is a way to protect your pavers over the long term. You can have a new-looking driveway, walkway, or patio for years to come when you pay attention and get your pavers cleaned on time. To learn more, contact your local contractors.