Commercial Paving Tips

For many businesses, it is necessary to provide a parking lot that customers can use while they are in the business. Unfortunately, parking lots can require more maintenance and care than small business owners may appreciate.

Reduce The Need To Have The Pavement Plowed During Winter Weather

During periods of heavy snowfall, a business will need to have a plan for keeping the parking lot as clear of snow as possible. While many businesses will choose to use snowplow services for this work, it should be noted that this can be relatively harsh on the pavement. The plow scraping over the surface of the pavement may leave small chips and cracks in it that could lead to further damage arising. Being diligent with applying ice and snow salts to the pavement can help with this, but these substances can also cause some wear to asphalt and concrete if they are not quickly rinsed off once the threat of snowfall or ice passes.

Have The Pavement Cleaned Periodically

Cleaning the pavement can help to extend its life by removing vehicle fluids and other substances that could eventually cause damage to the pavement. Businesses may not want to invest in cleaning their pavement due to assuming this will result in the parking lot being unusable for its customers. However, cleaning the parking lot can be done very quickly, as services that provide this type of work may utilize powerful pressure washers that can remove any of the substances that may be on the surface of the pavement.

Invest In Keeping The Pavement Markings In Good Condition

Having lines and other markings on the pavement is necessary to allow customers and clients to safely navigate this area. Despite the paint that is used for these markings being highly durable, it can still suffer deterioration over time that will cause it to fade or even start peeling. This can eventually result in the parking lot being a more difficult and hazardous place for your customers to navigate. In addition to keeping these markings clean, you will also want to have them reapplied once they start to fade or suffer other signs of permanent wear and tear. If you are planning on painting the parking lot yourself, it is necessary to choose a type of paint that will be compatible with the pavement that is used on your property. For example, using concrete paint on asphalt could lead to these markings have a shorter lifespan than anticipated.

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