Is Paint Better Than Tape For Marking A Warehouse Floor?

Your warehouse floor needs to be marked to protect and direct workers, and you've got two options: use paint or use tape. Both types of commercial warehouse striping can work, but paint may be better than tape in many cases. Tape does have its advantages, however, and knowing when to use one form or another can make life a lot easier for your company.

Paint Can't Be Peeled off in One Go

Paint can be a lot more durable than tape because paint can't be peeled off in one long strip. Let's say you use tape to mark a line, and over time, the edge of the tape starts to lift up with age and repeated impacts from carts, floor cleaners, and foot traffic. That edge can get caught on a passing cart, pulling up a lot of the tape. That might not be a huge risk when the tape is new, but as it gets a lot older, more of it can lift up and detach from the floor. You're not going to have that issue with paint, which might chip in areas but would otherwise stay in place.

Paint Doesn't Leave Sticky Residue

When tape is removed, it often leaves sticky residue behind that can trap dust and little bits of debris, making the floor look bad. You can remove the residue, of course, but it's an extra step that can quickly slip through the cracks in a busy warehouse.

Paint Colors Can Be Customized

Floor-marking tape comes in a variety of colors and patterns, but if you need a customized color for a line on the floor, you can have paint mixed to match that color. For example, if you want some floor markings that guide visitors to another part of the facility, and you want those markings to be the same colors as the ones in your company logo, you can have paint mixed to match those colors. You might not find tape in those exact colors, however.

When Tape Is Better: Multicolored Lines and Rush Jobs

Tape does have the upper hand when it comes to multicolored lines and rush jobs where you need the floor to be ready to use immediately. Tape doesn't need time to dry, so if you're marking a spot that you can't isolate for a time, tape is better than paint. And, if you need multicolored markings, you can often find two-color tape. Painting the multicolored markings could just take too long.

When you need a warehouse floor marked, contact paving companies as these often do floor striping as well. You can both work out which types of markings and marking materials would be best for different parts of the facility.